Rags to Riches - Recycle for the Worthing Community Chest

The Worthing Community Chest, which gives out grants of up to £1500 to local groups and events is after your old clothes and shoes! Your clothes, towels, tea towels, sheets, shoes - even odd shoes - pretty much anything, apart from duvets, cushions and pillows, can be turned into cash which can then go to help the Worthing community. The condition isn’t important, just bag up your old “stuff” and take the bags to one of fourteen labelled big bins which you can find all around the town. Sites are Tesco’s at Durrington, Broadwater Shopping Parade, the Assembly Hall car park, Waitrose car park, Pond Lane recreation ground, Marine Crescent car park, Brooklands Park, Findon Valley Library, B&Q car park at Lyons Farm, Mulberry car park in Goring, Thomas a Becket car park, Carpenter’s Parade, West Worthing station and Worthing Leisure Centre. Turn your rags into (Worthing) riches!

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