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VAW’s Partnerships Manager, Caroline Condliffe, will be in touch shortly to ask your organisation to participate in an important new survey which will inform a major report we are preparing. This “Legacy Report” will detail what has been achieved by VAW over more than twenty years in Worthing but it will also seek to highlight the needs of the local voluntary sector if it is to continue to survive and thrive in the future. If there is just one survey you take time to complete this summer - please make it ours!

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Voluntary Action Worthing's objectives are to 1. Provide information, training and networking opportunities to enhance not-for-profit organisation capacity, impact and responsiveness. 2. To increase income and secure longer term sustainability 3. To sustain a vibrant marketplace for the flow and exchange of information, knowledge, opportunities and expertise, both between the not-for-profit organisations and business contacts.

Our values: 1. Facilitating 2. Empowering 3. Connecting
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