Gathering Views for our Legacy Report

In preparing our Legacy Report, we at Voluntary Action Worthing will be wanting to gather the views from local organisations about their future needs if they are to survive and thrive at an increasingly uncertain time for the voluntary sector. Here are the thoughts of some local groups, from one of our Voluntary Sector Forums. “Making the public aware of how much effort goes into organisations, to prevent Sofa Syndrome and encourage people to volunteer and keep these services going!” “How to encourage volunteers and where to advertise. Should there be an event annually for the public to find out where / how they can volunteer for organisations and why they should.” “Wish list - a central exchange point for voluntary groups to meet and leave information and meet others.” “Continue with networking e.g, VAW Forum and Trustee Club. These are vital for sharing knowledge and giving a safe place to discuss all avenues of our organisations.” “Attracting new Trustees who will bring fresh impetus, partnering with other organisations in complementary areas.” And finally: “I wish for a Voluntary Sector with more young people involved in voluntary work and better work / family life balance for people with family responsibilities.” Lots of food for thought there!

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